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    Ladakh Travel Guide

    Planning a trip to Ladakh ? Here is a Leh Ladakh Travel Guide for your info Right within Jammu-Kashmir state is an epitome of scenic beauty and the light of the Himalaya; an amazing tourist destination that never fails to charm and dazzle. It is a spot that’s so traveler-friendly, yet magical with stunning stupas, whitewashed houses and charismatic locals. It is Leh Ladakh! Here we are sharing a complete travel guide to visit Leh Ladakh, also please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Leh Ladakh, the “Cold Desert,” is a wonderful tourist destination with stunning sights and charismatic locals. Some of the absolute must-visits include…

  • Best Ayurveda retreats in India
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    Best Ayurveda retreats in India

    7 Best Ayurveda retreats in India Chronic pains and other issues in the body aren’t a rare sight. Some suffer from weak bones while others crave a relaxation session. Ayurveda treatment in India isn’t something new. It is a traditional retreat that has helped millions of people.By this blog we would you to introduce with the best Ayurveda retreats in India. What is Ayurveda Ayurveda is pretty similar to yoga, except that the latter is purely based on mental relaxations without any medications at all. Ayurveda treatment in India includes body relaxation along with some traditional, herbal medicines. The treatment has been in practice for over 5,000 years now.Ayurveda focuses…

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    Yoga and Meditation in India

    Yoga and Meditation in India : A journey will change your life Yoga in India is a thousand-year-old philosophy that unites the physical, the mental and the spiritual. The word yoga means union, in this case the union of body and mind. A healthy body cannot be achieved without a healthy mind. One way to get a relaxed mind is by setting out time from your everyday routine to let your mind and body shut down. This power break can refresh you beyond your imagination. Here we are sharing the benefits Yoga and meditation in India, which are considered two ways that can shut down and ease yourself. According to the…

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    Best time to visit India

    When is the best time to visit India : When to travel to India India is a beautiful place to visit but the weather can have a significant impact on your experience. The country’s weather changes a lot throughout the year. The Monsoon season starting at the end of May is quite noteworthy. It takes off from the Keralan coast and gradually makes its journey towards the northeast of India. This season brings request switched between sunny days and heavy downpours. Also, the humidity is quite intense; especially after the rain has just stopped. In the northwest, the monsoon rains are heavy enough to cause flooding. This can cut off…

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    21 Tips for solo traveller in India

    Tips for Solo Traveller in India : Travel guide to visit India When we talk about India, we immediately list it amongst countries that are rich in culture, tradition, and history. Moreover, India is well-known for its great landscapes and mouth-watering cuisines. Today, we bring forward some best tips for solo traveller in India that will make your trip memorable. Travelling alone is often difficult for most of the people. Although, it always leaves them with great memories to cherish throughout life. Everyone loves to share the story of their first solo travel with the same excitement that they must have felt after completing their journey. It is taken as an adventurous…

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