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Kanha National Park is a tiger reserve located in Balaghat and Mandla, Madhya Pradesh districts. This park covers an area of about 940 km² in the two districts of Balaghat and Mandla. This national park has a large population of Barasingha (Duvaucel deer) with the Royal Bengal Tiger. You can also see many wild dogs, leopards, lazy bears. Get all travel information to visit Kanha National Park and enjoy Kanha Tour packages and explore our Travel packages for Kanha along with other interesting cities of Rajasthan like Agra, Jaipur, Udaipur etc.

Spotting wild animals is always a matter of luck but Kanha is so rich in wildlife that luck is in your favor. The birds will not escape you. There are 175 varieties in Kanha. So, if you are an ornithologist, expect to see a lot of them. You can also easily catch a porcupine, many monkeys, mongooses, hyenas, wildcats, leopards, as well as the majestic Gaur (Indian bison) and wild pigs. Enjoy Kanha Tour packages and get all indepth information on Kanha National Park and other best national park to spot Tigers like Ranthambore National ParkBandhavgarh National Park.

Some of the birds found in the park are: Black Ibis, Bee-eaters, Cattle Egret, Pond Heron, Flower Headed Parakeets, Common Teal, Gray Hornbill, Hooded Serpent Eagle, Indian Scroll, Minor Warrant Officer Stork , Lesser Whistling Teal, Pied Hornbill, Woodpecker, Pigeon, Paradise Flycatcher, Mainates, Lapwing, Peafowl, Red Jungle Poultry, Steppe Eagle, White-eyed Hawker, Kingfisher White-breasted, Tailed Flycatcher White-to-browed fan, shrikes in wood and more.

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