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Same day Trip to Agra from Delhi


Enjoy the Beauty of Taj in Same day Trip to Agra from Delhi and Same day Agra Tour from Delhi

Same day trip to Agra is ideal for those who are in Delhi for business or meeting. You can have a closer look at the rich cultural heritage of the city and some of the most astonishing attractions of the city within one day with our specialized same day Agra tour package.

If you are planning to have a same day trip to Agra from Delhi, we have got you covered. We have a specialized same day Agra tour planned for you. You can have a trip to this beautiful city either by road via Yamuna Express Highway or by train.

Here is how we can help you to have the best same day trip to Agra from Delhi :

For those who would want Delhi to Agra in same day by road which taxes approx. 4.5 hours (220 Kms, one way).

06:00 hrs.: You will be picked up from your hotel in (Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida) and proceed towards Agra via Yamuna express highway.

10:00 hrs. : Upon arrival in Agra, meet with your tour guide who would accompany you from your arrival in Agra till departure. The guide service is optional and you are free to choose if you would be interested in guide services or not.

Same day Trip to Agra from Delhi

The Taj Mahal

Explore the astonishing beauty of this UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is a white marble mausoleum built by the Muslim Mughal emperor ShâhJahân in memory of his wife Arjumand Bânu Begam, also known as MumtazMahal, which in Persian means “the light of the palace”. You can read more about Taj Mahal and its grandeur and splendor here 

Around 12:30, finish the visit of the Taj Mahal and proceed to have lunch. Our team will be happy to suggest you choice of restaurants as per your budget and taste.

14:00 hrs. : After lunch, proceed to visit Agra Fort.

Agra Fort

This majestic red sandstone fort is the work of Emperor Akbar, even though most of the palaces erected under Akbar were destroyed and replaced by other monuments. Mughal emperors used to reside in this Fort before the capital was shifted to Delhi. Read more about the attractions of Agra Fort here

15:30 hrs. : After the visit of Agra Fort, drive back to Delhi with wonderful memories of your same day Agra trip and drop back at the hotel in Delhi

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Same Day Trip to Agra


Point no.1

Some important information to be kept in mind during your same day trip to Agra.

  • Taj Museum inside Taj Mahal Complex opens from 10.00 AM to 5.00 PM, entry free.
  • Polluting vehicles are not allowed within 500 mts radius of Taj Mahal. Parking Facility is available and from there you need to hire a battery bus or Tonga. We will take care of this service during your day trip to Agra.


  • Eating and smoking is strictly prohibited inside Taj Mahal. Arms, ammunitions, fire, smoking items, tobacco products, liquor, eatables (Toffees), head phones, knives, wire, mobile charger, electric goods (except camera), Tripods are also prohibited.
  • Mobile phones are to be kept switched off or on silent mode.
  • Please avoid carrying big bags and books inside the monument, this may increase your security check time.
  • Photography is prohibited inside the main mausoleum.
  • Avoid touching & scratching the walls & surfaces of the monument as these are heritage sites and need special care.
  • Visitors are requested not to make noise inside the mausoleum.
  • Above mentioned list of prohibited items along with mobile phones are  banned for night viewing of the Taj Mahal. Video camera, extra batteries are prohibited though still camera is permitted after the security check.

Online tickets of Taj Mahal and many other monuments could be bought using the following  website :


  1. Tourists buying tickets online will get discount of Rs.5/- for per Indian ticket & Rs. 50/- for per Foreigner ticket.
  2. No Entry fee for children below the age of 15 years. (both Domestic and Foreigner).

Sunrise and sunset timings in summers and winters which can help to prepare your same day trip to Agra and day trip to Agra.


APRIL 05:54 a.m. 18:42 P.m.
MAY 05:30 a.m. 18:58 P.m.
JUNE 05:23 a.m. 19:13 P.m.
JULY 05:32 a.m. 19:14 P.m.
AUGUST 05:48 a.m. 18:55 P.m.
SEPT 06:03 a.m. 18:23 P.m.
OCT 06:17 a.m. 17:49 P.m.
NOV 06:37 a.m. 17:26 P.m.
DEC 06:59 a.m. 17:26 P.m.
JAN 07:08 a.m. 17:45 P.m.
FEB 06:55 a.m. 18:09 P.m.
MAR 06:28 a.m. 18:26 P.m.


Dress Code if any…any suggestion or any precautions to be taken to visit Taj Mahal

  • There is no such dress code is there to visit Taj Mahal  but still suggest not to wear too short clothes to avoid any hassle.

Ticket Outlets

(Buying a Taj Mahal Ticket From Entry Gate Ticket Counter)

Taj Mahal Western Gate :- Tickets are available on Western Gate near Saheli Burj. (Timing-One Hour before Sunrise upto 45 Mintues before Sunset).

Taj Mahal Eastern Gate :- Tickets are available at Eastern Gate of Taj Mahal. (Timing-One Hour before Sunrise upto 45 Mintues before Sunset).

Taj Mahal Southern Gate :- No Entry from this gate at Present are not allowed from this gate only Exit is allowed.

Tickets may be purchased at all three Taj Mahal entry gates. There are separate queues for Foreign tourists and Domestic tourists and signs will direct you accordingly.

2 AGRA FORT 50/- 40/- 650/- 600/- 600/- 90/- 40/- 40/-
3 FATEHPUR SIKRI 50/- 40/- 610/- 600/- 600/- 50/- 40/- 40/-
4 AKBAR’S TOMB,SIKANDRA 30/- 25/- 310/- 300/- 300/- 30/- 25/- 25/-
5 ITIMAD-UD-DAULA 30/- 25/- 310/- 300/- 300/- 30/- 25/- 25/-
6 MEHTAB BAGH 25/- 25/- 300/- 300/- 300/- 25/- 25/- 25/-
7 RAM BAGH 25/- 25/- 300/- 300/- 300/- 25/- 25/- 25/-
8 MARIYAM’S TOMB 25/- 25/- 300/- 300/- 300/- 25/- 25/- 25/-


  1. No entry fee for children below 15 years (both Indian & Foreigner)
  2. Taj Mahal is closed on every Friday.
  3. Ticket windows for Taj Mahal open one hour before Sunrise & close 45 minutes before Sunset. Tickets can also be bought online through https://asi.payumoney.com/#/
  4. Tourists are advised to stay inside the monument as per the directions mentioned on tickets or issued by ASI authorities
  5. Tourist must carry his/her Identity Proof issued by Govt. Authorities.
  6. Water bottle is allowed inside the monument. Shoe cover, water bottle, tourist guide map of Agra, battery bus and golf cart services are provided free of cost with the foreigner’s entry ticket of the Taj.
  7. Shoe racks are available just below the main mausoleum free of cost
  8. For entrance through East gate ticket window and cloak room are available at East gate. For entry through West gate ticket window at West gate and cloak room at shopping complex are available for the visitors.


In case if you have more time available with you, then we have the following suggestion of itineraries for your reference :