Travel information for Lucknow

Travel information about Lucknow

Lucknow is a city in India that makes a great tourist spot. Not only is it culturally rich with it’s history, it is also a relaxing getaway. To help you plan the perfect vacation, we have gathered all the travel information for Lucknow that a first time visitor will need. Follow our thorough travel guide to visit Lucknow to ensure the best possible experience.

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Lucknow city is actually the capital of Uttar Pradesh which is the most populous province of India. Even in today’s modern era, the local streets of Lucknow depict it’s true culture. Every local person you meet will show you some part of Lucknow’s history in his or her mannerism. Some very famous features of the city’s culture include Kathak dance, architecture, royal food and unique kinds of fabrics. Even the name of the city is derived from it’s history. Lucknow used to be the abode of the Nawabs of Avadh. If you speak Urdu, Hindi or English, you can get around the city without any communication hassle. The city does not only have great cultural importance for Hindus, it also the home to many importantly Islamic monuments. Lucknow depicts religious tolerance in its simplest form which only adds to the beauty of the city.


When to visit Lucknow

The most important travel information for Lucknow is about the ideal time to visit the city. Generally, Lucknow is a warm city. Even during the winters, the temperature doesn’t fall down to an unbearable degree. However, it can sometimes get too hot during the summers. While Lucknow is welcoming all around the year, the best time to visit it is from November to March. Moreover, people who do not like crowds should avoid these months. In conclusion, you can use our travel guide to visit Lucknow any time of the year. To prevent yourself from hot and humid experiences, do not plan your trip during June or July. July to September is monsoon season. The rainfall is not too heavy. However, keep this factor in mind while planning your trip.

How to reach

Getting to Lucknow is as easy as it can be. There is an airport in Lucknow which is just 15km away from the main city and it is very well connected to major cities of India like Delhi, Jaipur, Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai etc. You may also opt to travel by road or train. Other than luxury buses and trains, you can also drive to Lucknow from nearby cities. As for rail, the Charbagh Railway Station is located inside the city at a very central location.

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