Places to visit in Bikaner

Places to visit in Bikaner

Planning a trip to Bikaner ? here you have the details of best places to visit in Bikaner and when is the best time to travel.

The blooming beauty of the Thar Desert is the beautiful and mesmerizing Bikaner. It is filled with magnificent forts, desert safaris on a desert landscape which truly takes you in another world. The gigantic forts and palaces do wonders in telling the tale of all the rulers that have been and existed on this land. The architecture and structure of the forts are so spectacular and strong that it withstood all the wear and tear and stood tall even as the passage of time passed. Historical vestiges are of course the most highlighted part of the city but that is not the only attraction, it is actually a remarkable place for all the foodies due to its delicious snacks. In our blog, we share the best places to visit in Bikaner to make your travel memorable.In case of any information please do not hesitate to write us and one of our travel expert will be in touch with you at the earliest.

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Places to visit in Bikaner

Top places to visit in Bikaner from a tourist point of view

From a tourist’s point of view, Bikaner is a rich city filled with history, culture and beautiful marks of religion. There are plenty of tourist attractions which can familiarize the tourists even more with the place and its history. There are a lot of beautiful places which make sightseeing alone a highly blissful experience. The city is filled with enchanting Rajput architecture taking you back to the time these were built. You will look around and find yourself surrounded by bustling markets, a golden landscape of the glistening desert and sand dunes all around you making your experience close to mythical. This place surely demands a visit considering its beauty and richness of culture and art.

  • Junagarh Fort – Bikaner

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USD 5/ INR 300 per person USD 5/Rs. 150.00 Included in the ticket

This fort was built in 1954 and still stands tall and magnificent due to the beautiful and strong Rajput architecture followed by the vision of Raja Rai Singh. The location of the fort is also exquisite as it lies amidst the Thar Desert surrounded by numerous temples, pavilions, and palaces. It spreads its glory on the sprawling land covering 5.28 hectares of it. The measurements alone can help us imagine how magnificent the fort must be. Within the vicinity of the fort, even more, wonderful sites await you, 7 to be exact which are the 7 palaces. These palaces are the Bikaneri Haveli, Phool Mahal (the flower palace), Chandra Mahal, Anup Mahal, Badal Mahal, Ganga Mahal, and Bikaneri Havelies. Each one of these carries their own unique beauty which is definitely worth witnessing. Your tour would for sure be incomplete if you do not visit these huge walls and grand palaces. The temples there are also worth a visit and will familiarize you even more with their culture and beliefs.

  • Lalgarh Palace and Museum

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80 cents/ INR 50 per person USD 5/Rs. 150.00 Included in the ticket

This palace is truly vivid and was built with red sandstone making it stand out even more. It was designed by Sir Swinton Jacob and was built by Maharaja Ganga Singh. The architecture is grand and beautiful. The best thing about this palace is that it is a unique mixture of some of the most appreciated styles of architectures in the world which. It is the perfect depiction of European, Mughal and Indian architecture combined. This palace also houses the fourth largest private library in the world and a museum.

  • National Research Centre on Camels

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3 USD/ INR 200 per person Not allowed 1.5 USD/ INR 100 per person

Bikaner being a desert area needs to be very careful with their eco-system. Camels are one of the most important parts of their eco-system which is why various breeds of this sacred animal are researched here in this center. A museum is also housed here which shows the depiction of the research and developmental aspects of camels. Some very unique treat here is delicious ice-creams and beverages made from camel milk. Recreational activities such as camel riding and safari are also offered here so you can easily spend an entire day here and enjoy yourselves. It is also known as the camel breeding farm which makes it even more significant and was established by the government in 1984.

Travel guide to visit Bikaner

  • Ganga Golden Jubilee Museum – Bikaner

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3 USD/ INR 200 per person Not allowed Included in entrance ticket

If  you want to see the secrets, caricatures, and artwork of Rajasthan then this is definitely the place for you. This is the government museum commonly known as the Ganga Government Museum but also as the Ganga Golden Jubilee Museum. This dates back to 1937 and displays terracotta ware from the Gupta period, rich golden paintings by local artisans, royal vestments, Rajasthani traditional musical instruments, and exquisite carpets. The rich legacy and traditions this museum this beautiful museum reflects is not only that of Rajasthan but all of India. The beauty and glory of the museum are presented to its guests in the division of two levels.

 Bottom Line

Each place in this beautiful city carries a rich and vibrant experience for whoever visits it. Each place tells a story and is the perfect depiction of how the world has come through this entire time. It takes us back to eras which we have only read about in books of history. In this beautiful city, you get the chance to actually witness all the tales you have heard about royalty and how the rulers ruled. The perfect break from monotonous metropolitan lives.

Where to Stay in Bikaner

Bikaner is a town that caters to people with all kinds of budgets. It offers accommodation to its visitors and tourists in every range. Here are some of our recommendations to make your stay pleasant and enjoyable.

Maharaja Ganga Mahal 3*
Lallgarh Palace 4*
Narendra Bhawan 5*

We hope you enjoyed our blog on the best places to visit in Bikaner. In case of any information, please feel free to send us an email. 


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