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Plan your India Tour packages : Creating colourful memories

India is a country like no other – it is a melting pot of traditions, cultures and religions. It is a wonderful country, a subcontinent perhaps, owned by a proud people who embrace their diverse faiths and ethnicities. Contact us for your India tour packages and one of our Indian expert will be in touch with you to make your trip memorable.

India is a great travel destination. Millions of tourists and vacationers flock the country, eager to be part of the innate Indian vibrancy and marvel at the country’s endless natural beauties. North to South, coast to coast, long beautiful beaches and lush greeneries alongside picture-perfect valleys are incomparable.

This colourful country is home to diversity – a diversity that extends beyond her people and into its food. Whether in downtown Delhi, in the streets of Jaipur or at the villages, you can be sure to indulge in something new, tasty and exciting every single day. Food tours are, in fact, part of the contemporary India tour packages today!

All our programmes featured in our website are just suggestions and could be ALTERED as per your REQUIREMENTS and PREFERENCES.

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What all is there to explore in your India tour packages

India should be (if it isn’t already) on your ultimate bucket list. The country’s overabundance of all-things beautiful, including the charming locals, countless sights and sounds and the pleasant weather just makes the country incredible.

Yet, the best way to experience magical India is by choosing a tour package. A package essentially is a conglomerate of fantastic spots across the country during a particular season. You start with a relaxing outing in a cool hilly resort before going on an adventure-filled dip at the beach and finally going on an ” Indian Safari

You shouldn’t choose a package without a bit of a spiritual visit in one of the centuries-old temples down south or a little historical trip to the Rajasthan. And whether you love hiking or taking a few shots for Insta, the snow-capped Himalayan range and the long, picturesque coastlines will serve just that – extreme thrill.

India is huge – so big that you might never explore the best of her hidden secrets on your own. You need a local; a native who lives, eats, and breathes India. You definitely need someone great enough to ensure you have a fabulous, unforgettable Indian trip!

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Book your India tour packages with Us

Your Indian vacation should start and end with us, Amazing Holidays In India. Join us as we explore some of the country’s best-hidden treasures, one-by-one. You get a customized itinerary comprising perhaps the most scenic spots.

Our travel packages are unique but competitively-priced. We weave the best of Indian tour destinations together, carefully organize the nitty-gritty and all the logistical aspects to ensure you have a smooth, extraordinary outing. Regardless of the one you opt for, you can be sure of wholesome thrill.

From going on a wildlife trip, to see the endangered Bengali tiger, the famous Indian elephants, sloth bears and Indian bison, to choosing the eccentric tour spots further deep, we have them all. No Indian trip is ever complete without visiting our ancient temples, forts and fortresses – we know!

However, each India tour package will have more than that. You must also get a feel of aromatic spices and street chai as you learn the different cultures, languages and the country’s sad contrasts. You also get to witness the chaotic city life, crazy rickshaw drivers, taxi drivers hooting incessantly and all the hullabaloo that forms the everyday life in this beautiful country.

Where would you love to visit; what would you like to see and experience?

Great Indian trips don’t just happen. They are planned, organized and executed, exactly what Amazing Holidays In India will do for you. And with us is a list of all the leading Indian destinations, organized by some of the leading, seasoned travel connoisseurs.

We derive great pride seeing adventure-hungry, super-excited visitors marvel upon seeing what the TV documentaries never show. It gets even better when you feel, indulge and experience it like a local. When you speak the local language, put on the authentic Indian outfit and be part of us!

Still, in all our India tour packages, you choose what you would want to experience. You choose your guides and travel assistants as well as the way you want the adventure customized. Your word becomes our command!

A Glimpse of Our Popular India Holiday Packages

Imagine doing a trip taking you from the sandy beaches of Goa down to the ancient monuments of Rajasthan before heading to Kolkata for a Victoria ride! Or, conquering the Indus-Gangetic Plain and the Himalayas, the Hindu and Buddhist pilgrimage centres with someone to explain everything to you.

We’ve got them all in our India tour packages and the following is just a glimpse:

Colourful Rajasthani Tours

Many know Rajasthan as a large, barren desert state with nothing more than the camels, food and colours. But it has more than that. Majesty and glory best describe the country’s largest state, also best known as the home to Rajas and Maharajas.

Get ready to explore every historic fort, temple and palace in Rajsamand and Pali, go on a desert safari in Jaisalmer and Bikaner or visit the wild Ranthambore. Good food is in plenty, much like the local festivals and folk dances.

Every city will have something amazing in store for you. From Jaipur, the “Pink City,” Udaipur, the “City of Lakes” and out worldly palace resorts to Jodhpur, the “Blue City,” you most definitely will fall in love with this state.

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Ayurvedic Treatments of Kerala

Kerala, one of the “ten paradises of the world,” is the heartbeat of Indian tours. Everything, right from its picturesque beaches, breathtaking hills and valleys and bewitching backwaters, to the natural Ayurveda spas, have no worldly equal.

Whether you’re dying for ayurvedic treatment or you would love to go on mountaineering, trekking and bird-watching expeditions, a trip to “God’s own country” is absolutely unmissable. And so, our Kerala holiday packages will take you to where the best of this state is, perhaps where no other vacationer has ever been before.

Goan for that Relaxing Feel

‘Sun, sand, and spices’ aren’t the only thing to expect upon setting foot in the little, pocket-sized paradise. Goa’s vibrancy, colours, cultures and the beautiful palm trees that complement the white sandy beaches make it a perfect haven to escape to.

And so, after covering the whole of India, Goa gives you countless ways of recharging. You may relax, sunbathe and unwind as you gaze at the blue waters, indulge at the endless hearty cuisines or even visit the pristinely-kept prehistoric churches and temples. You may also dance the night away at the local nightclubs, provided you still have the energy!

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Journeying off the beaten paths into the lush tea plantations

Never end your Indian vacation without learning where the world’s finest Indian teas come from. Eastern and Northern India are beautiful and a lot different from the confusion and the chaotic cities. Here, our India holiday packages wrap up the vibrant culture and rituals exclusive to the region and serve them to you.

Count yourself lucky if our trip coincides with the local festivals because you get to see what true, authentic Indian heritage is all about. But of course, no trip to Assam or Darjeeling will be complete without a package of your favourite green tea!

Taj Mahal Tours

You must have chosen to visit India because of this beautiful white marble mausoleum, a wonder of the world. Well, if saving the best for last, then Taj Mahal in your tour package of India will suitably complete your sojourn around the country.

We will have a guide by your side, to explain everything about this incredible marvel, especially why Shah Jahan had to build it for his wife. It’s not easy to put the grandeur of the whole wonder in words, but we will also pack in a few more forts, mosques and whatnots to ensure you have a fantastic outing.

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Ever wanted to know why Indian worship hundreds of Gods?

Not just our adorable Gods and other supernatural beings, we have lots of spiritual destinations worth telling you about. Our India tour packages include some of the temples you must (and will) visit to get some divine healing.

Basically, we will tell you about our Hindu culture, all the Gods and why we love them and the major spiritual holidays. At the end of your celestial tour, be sure to imbibe the scent of the incense sticks. It is the best way to cap off a trip around the famous Golden Triangle with Varanasi and Rishikesh

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Unforgettable Indian Holidays start with us

A perfect Indian tour package should take into consideration your travel plans, mood and occasion. Whether you need to travel alone, with a friend, colleagues or as a whole family, Amazing Holidays In India has you.

Everything is custom-made to suit your requirements and you can be sure of an Indian holiday executed to perfection. Check out our diverse themed holiday plans or talk to us if you need a different, personalized holiday.

It might not be the most luxurious outing or an absolutely smooth adventure, but it certainly will be memorable. It will forever linger in your mind!

So, feeling ready to plan for your upcoming Indian holiday yet? Let’s get every detail settled and all routes, journeys and sights and sounds boxes ticked together. Get in touch with us today!

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