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Travel to India: an opportunity for a magical journey

Travel to India : Planning a trip to India

A voyage across India, a sub-universe in its own right, and a magical country of many contrasts isn’t something worth not documenting. From her vibrant cities, towns, and villages, countless colourfully exuberant flower and spice markets, mystical Hindu temples, and Mughal and Rajput Forts & Palaces plus its charm, it is a place with no equal. Contact us for all your questions and queries with regards to your Travel to India, and one of our Travel advisor will be happy to design your dream holiday.

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But, how your Travel to India to be packaged?

Maybe you’d prefer a circuit from North, the aboriginal India of the Maharajas, and their history-rich castles and palaces. Or, from the south where the delightfully charming and spicy aromas of Kerala along with a trip down the region’s unplumbed labyrinth of canals would take you to acres of coconut palms.

Whichever way you see it, a lot awaits on your journey. But, better you get ready for an immersive and super-memorable body and soul trip in a uniquely chaotic sub-continent. It will be a tour of the fantastic, beautiful, bizarre, extraordinary and just about everything heaped into one big magical journey.

Lots of temples and mausoleums, camels and cheeky elephants, turbans and charismatic locals are just some of the fascinating sights. But India is a convergence of opposing and violent happenings; opulence and poverty split by a thin line down the middle. It’s just a real journey back in time, and black and white.

With a travel agency that knows every route, corner, and alley in India, your trip is crafted as per your needs. We organize and tailor the voyage to look and feel different from all those ordinary itineraries. We simply ensure you discover the magic of India first-hand. And we promise you will be back dumbfounded!

A Journey not to be Forgotten

India isn’t a country; it’s probably an expansive sub-continent covering over 3000 kilometers right from its northernmost tip to the southernmost part. It’s also in three time zones and has an overabundance of religions, cultures, and landscapes.

On your trip across this vast, beautiful, populous country, you might not really get enough time to marvel at its best-kept sights and sounds. But be sure to feel stunned, perhaps even more, by the culture extremes, habits, and customs that appear wholly normal, yet different. You will need lots of tolerance, open-mindedness and bravery to best enjoy your Hindustani trip.

One thing you will fall in love and equally hate in India is its incessantly chaotic traffic. It is a key component of Delhi, especially when you meet the insanely bold, rickshaw drivers who seemingly delight breaking every rule on the road.

But to limit the damage, rest assured this will all be part of your magical India trip. Your accommodation will be somewhere exotic – imagine sleeping at a historic hotel somewhere in a Maharaja palace! Yes, leave that with us.

But prepare your taste buds because no trip to India is ever complete unless and until you indulge in the country’s best cuisines. Aromatic delicacies – meaty, spicy dishes, creamy curries, downright delicious tandoori, yogurt prepared the Indian way, tons and tons of tasty vegan foods and, of course, the best of street food. The best region has its best treats, too!

Absolute must-visit spots and destinations during your Travel to India

Forget about jostling for a shot at the world wonder Taj Mahal, a real treat would involve visiting a majority of the 29 states and discovering every hidden gem in them. From Rajasthan’s renowned heritage sandstone cities, exquisite jungles deserts and riverine landscapes, down to Tamil Nadu’s medieval temples, architecture, food, dance, and Carnatic music.

But it would be highly unlikely that you cover the entire country. And so, we just focus on the best regions and dissect the mesmerizing places to visit. You might also be part of the planning and help spot the right destinations for your voyage.

Delhi, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Taj Mahal, of course, won’t miss in your Indian travel bucket list. They are the absolute-best, must-visit places, along with a trip or two down the relaxing, rural villages.

Then, there’s the famous Golden Triangle of India 

The glorious beauty and mysticism of the Golden Triangle  plus a trip across the travel-friendly state of Rajasthan should be in the cards. Goa, the palm-fringed coastal state is perfect only if you get the right helping hand to navigate you around the throngs and chaos in its beachesKerala’s warm beaches, reinvigorating tea and spice estates, plus its elephants, monkeys, and tigers, should be just right to wind up your Indian trip.

So, when should you travel to India?

India is so monstrous that you just won’t figure out when to fly in down there on your own. It is a country with two distinctive seasons; the dry, cool, pleasant season and a wet, humid season.

The wet, monsoon season kicks off from May and runs through to September. Kerala coastline feels it the most, although, during the same period, the southern parts still experience lots of rainy, cloudy days. In short, it isn’t the best period to visit India during the monsoon period.

You can, therefore, visit India any day from November to March. Your destination should be anywhere among Delhi, Rajasthan, Agra, and Varanasi, although Goa is equally fine.

Kerala and Tamil Nadu are equally perfect to visit in November to March period. But if possible, just avoid the south because it may get hot and unbearable, especially in May and June. However, if a trip to the Himalayas is on your itinerary, ensure you are ready in May through to August-September.

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9 Fun Facts about India

  1. India has 22 official languages and over a thousand minor languages, with Hindi being the de facto national language.
  2. English is widely spoken as well.
  3. It is a federal parliamentary democratic country with a powerful president and a prime minister that head the government.
  4. Rupee is the country’s official currency.
  5. India’s population now stands at about 1.3 billion.
  6. It has 38 UNESCO World Heritage sites.
  7. Millions of tourists flock India every year, with the numbers peaking at 10 million in 2017.
  8. The country’s largest employer is Indian Railways that has about 1.4 million staff.
  9. Bollywood, the country’s vibrant movie industry, produces over 1,900 films a year and racks in well over $4 billion. It is the largest, dwarfing Hollywood.

No better way to travel to India than with Professionals 

For over seven years now, our travel agency has been organizing personalized trips to India. We are based in India, a competitive edge that has seen us package hugely successful travel expeditions for locals and foreigners.

Our team comprises the young, agile and dynamic travel heartthrobs who craft travel routes and atypical stays for clients. We also have firm and steadfast relationships with many of the leading hotels in the country’s major cities, a perk that greatly helps ease out on affordable hotel bookings.

The majority of our team members already holds accolades and enjoys recognitions from some of the country’s top industry watchdogs. They are well-trained, seasoned and boast an extensive knowledge of how world-class hospitality entails.

Smooth, glitch-free planning and smart execution is our mantra. Nothing possibly stops our agency from meeting our customers’ needs. And so, for any trip to India, whether cultural, holiday or business, talk to us.

Request a quote or drop us a line – we will be happy to answer all your queries and make your trip to India incredibly memorable.

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