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Nainital Tour Packages : experience the beauty of hills

Nainital Tour Packages : discover the beauty of nature with our Tour packages to Nainital 

It isn’t by sheer luck that Nainital is arguably India’s most popular hill station and, by far, one of the region’s top family-oriented tourist destinations. Hotels and resorts in abundance, an ever-busy bazaar and a labyrinth of walking tracks leading to the forested slopes and Himalayan viewpoint introduce Kumaon’s largest town. Email us or WhatsApp us @ +91 9899328185 for all queries with regards to organising your Nainital tour packages.

Nainital Tour Packages

This little town sitting 2,084m above sea level has so much beauty, it’s simply magical. It has the panoramic Naini Lake whose charm was too strong for a European he couldn’t resist, the mystical Naina Devi Temple – an 8th-century marvel, and St. John in the Wilderness. It also has Tiffin Top (Dorothy’s Seat), a grand viewpoint that hosts thousands of sightseers visiting India for a glimpse of the mighty Himalayas.

Visit the jewel of the Kumaon Hills 

It sits on a steep forested valley and overlooks lots of amazing attractions, and yet it’s hours’ drive from Delhi. The ‘City of Lakes,’ also being a historically Brits’ founded town, has the rare colonial feel to it. Nainital, for a tour, is one perfect pick, sure to leave unforgettable memories. 

Today, Nainital tour packages offer an invaluable chance to not only admire the splendor of this town, but also understand why it’s sacrosanct to the Hindu community. Lord Shiva is said to have had a little sojourn in the area, and the eye-shaped Naini Lake is where her eye fell. And so, a trip is as ideal as a religious outing as it is an epic, adventure-filled tour. 

On offer are a hike into the snow-capped ranges, a swim at the lakes, lots of native, homemade dishes to indulge in, and the all-year-round pleasant for the much-needed rejuvenation. This famous hill station is a little haven for adrenaline junkies, no doubt!

Nainital tour packages

What to see during your Nainital tour packages

It occurs as though planning a trip to India’s favorite hill town is easier for anyone, including a first-time tourist. But truth be told, the region’s many places to visit could overwhelm even the most intrepid of all vacationers. 

Luckily, tour packages for Nainital make everything a lot simpler. They make it easier to explore the breathtaking lakes, conquer the hills and marvel at the magnificent architecture, even for someone visiting for the first time. 

Nainital isn’t a popular adventure getaway for hikers, photography enthusiasts, and nature heartthrobs nothing. Among the greatest tourist attractions it has include:

Naina Devi Temple 

It isn’t another ordinary Hindu temple, and a visit is enough to prove why. Many Nainital tour packages do include a stop by this 8th-century temple, all because it has lots of significance to the Hindu religion today. This hilltop temple is considered so holy that pilgrims pay regular visits, all coming to honor the wife of Lord Shiva. 

Hanuman Garhi 

Aside from Naina Devi Temple located km away, Hanuman Garhi is one fantastic spot for a religious visit in Nainital. At 2270m above sea level, the beautiful temple is younger, having been built by Baba Neem Kiroli in 1951. 

The gigantic statue of Lord Hanuman with Lord Rama on his chest is a testament to how sacred the temple is. It is so revered that even the spectacular vistas of the sun as it rises and sets are so soothing to capture. 

St. John’s Church 

Further north from the heart of this ever-busy town is the St. John’s Church, a church built in 1847 to honor locals buried after a landslide. With a brass memorial, lots of historical relics and its perfect setting, St. John in the Wilderness is one incredible destination. Its religious importance, especially amongst Christians seeking the protection of the Almighty, plus the architecture used and history it’s attached to, means it never ceases to wow. 

Snow View 

No Nainital tour packages are complete without perhaps the most unmissable attraction – Snow Views at the Snow Peak. Standing at the 2,270m Snow Peak, the glorious views of the mighty Nanda Devi, Nanda Kot, and Trishu peaks are nothing short of dreamlike. All you would need are a pair of binoculars, a cup of steaming tea, and a snack. 

The best views are at the aerial ropeway. However, don’t forget to spend a couple more minutes at Gadhan Kunkyop Ling Gompa – an ancient Tibetan monastery located at a distance away. 

Naini Lake 

There’s no better way to experience the city whose name was inspired by a picturesque blue-green lake located in its middle than with a boat visit. Naini Taal is the city’s lifeline, and whether it’s an expedition into the middle of the lake or simply relaxing at one of the resorts nearby, the experience is impressive. 

Nainital tour packages

Naina Peak

It is the highest peak in Nainital and rightly one of the few unmissable spots included in Nainital tour packages. Standing at the 2615m high Naina Peak (or the China Peak), you will clearly see the Tibetan border. 

Hiking your way up is no mean feat, and not even the gorgeous rhododendron bloom would save you. But remember, Naina Peak has no hotels or eateries and you must pack your supplies, including water. 


For a peaceful and tranquil stay, far from the buzzing and chaotic environment in the hill station, Kilburi never disappoints. It is 12 km away, tucked in the calm, forested area with picturesque views of the Himalayas. One great selling point of Kilburi is the fresh breeze that visitors get to enjoy as they relax. 

The Observatory 

Nainital is famous for its super-clear skies at night, too and this is something rare. The government-built Observatory has perhaps the best telescopes in the country. If you’ve always been mesmerized by the solar system, visit the Observatory. 

Zoo Gardens

Lastly, the beautiful gardens not only light up a Nainital tour, but also make sure tour packages for Nainital are comprehensive. The Zoo Garden isn’t your ordinary zoo as among the animals staying in it are deers, bears, tigers and many rare, endangered ones. During a visit, you will also marvel at how spotlessly clean the whole place is. 

More on Nainital tour packages

Other than the aforementioned, Nainital also has several incredible tourist destinations worth visiting. They include lakes, botanical gardens, natural springs, and national parks. Bhimtal has the largest lake in Nainital, which also makes it a prime tourist destination, similar to Naukichiatal, which has a ‘lake with nine corners.’ 

Sariyatal has a glamorous Himalayan botanical garden while the highly-revered Corbett National Park is also within the Nainital district. For epic views of the snow-capped Himalayas, Ranikhet never disappoints. Other than these, areas worth visiting include the beautiful Sattal, the natural springs of Khurpatal Lake, Mukteshwar and the yoga and meditation haven of Rishikesh. 

The Best time to visit Nainital

Nainital’s pleasant all-year-round weather makes the region a magnet of warm weather lovers. Winter, which kicks off in November gets cold, but ends in March. From April to October, Nainital gets warmer up to a high of 23-degrees Celsius. 

Summer is, therefore, the best time for a Nainital tour. A majority of Nainital tour packages also take advantage of the season to enable tourists to explore major outdoor destinations. Winter tours are often focused on the snowfall. 

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